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Tricot Records is an independent record label based in College Park, Maryland. Releasing small batches of cassettes from local artists, we focus on the fun and experience of documenting their work through physical means.

Stay tuned to this page for release dates and show announcements.

  1. princessreasonmusic:

    show friday at the foxhouse in baltimore


  2. here’s a brand new Otis Infrastructure album! please check it out/download for free!!! Minimalism by Otis Infrastructure


  3. gbgbgbgbgb:

    In today’s musical landscape (and creative landscape in general), it’s much easier to self-produce/self-publish than it has ever been. You can record clean, glossy, studio quality stuff on a pretty modest budget. To me, this lowered barrier to entry (somewhat ironically) has romanticized lo-fi…

    (via princessreasonmusic)


  4. princessreasonmusic:

    btw i moved back home, we are now based in maryland again.


  5. inafternoonair:

    Princess Reason at Lot 1 in Los Angeles, July 15, 2014.


  6. new otis infrastructure song. this one is called “almonds” and it’s out on the new album “minimalism”, which will be released this august.


  7. princessreasonmusic:

    princess reason at the echo 6/5/14


  8. gimmetinnitus:

    audio stream :: Princess Reason > Stark City #princessreason


  9. perfectmidnightworld:

    "We Are Splitting" by Princess Reason // Dir. Saxon Richardson

    Talk about a great marriage of sound and vision. One of my favorite up and coming music acts is Los Angeles based musician, Princess Reason. He makes the kind of delicately disheveled lo-fi pop that you can lose yourself in. One of my favorites is the fragile heartbreaker, “We Are Splitting”, and it just got a stunning video adaptation courtesy of director, Saxon Richardson. Against a beautifully shot desolate backdrop, a haunted young man gives into his inner demons. It’s dark, heavy subject matter, but a wonderful accompaniment to a magnificent song. 

    * Check out Princess Reason’s Bandcamp for more excellent music.


  10. Saxon Richardson filmed a music video in the Arizona desert for Princess Reason’s “we are splitting”.